Issa Birthday of Miss. Adenike Bushiroh

Best birthday wishes for our elegant entrepreneur in the making, Mudathir Bushroh Adenike. She is the type who think of others before herself, a kind-hearted lady of outstanding characters. On this day, we celebrate your birthday, May the God Almighty be with you, protect you , guide your steps and bless your endeavors on earth.… Continue reading Issa Birthday of Miss. Adenike Bushiroh


‘AA Feesoh’ Born-Day Anniversary. |Adeniyi Hafsoh

Cuteness can't be bought, it's in the blood, beauty is a gift from up high, granted by the Almighty. The combination of both was bestowed upon this damsel the day she was  born, an enigmatic lady of peerless beauty. You'll soar high in greatness, no evil wind will be able to stop you because you're… Continue reading ‘AA Feesoh’ Born-Day Anniversary. |Adeniyi Hafsoh


Deepika’s Next to Be a Massive Superhero Film

The ultimate queen of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone’s last release Padmaavat became one of the biggest blockbusters of this year. Her performance and star power made all the right noises too. Post Padmaavat, we didn’t have any announcement from the star on her upcoming projects but here’s finally some hope. For all you DP fans who… Continue reading Deepika’s Next to Be a Massive Superhero Film