The Immortal King of Northshire…PART 1

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Initally, with God i started, they call me around to help put soul into the lifeless and read through toddlers supposed future. These are my potentials or call it natural endownment, ‘God’s gift’, i wasn’t stingy with my power as i helped the whole human race around me.
Though i was poor, yet, i was the happiest since i was able to touch so many people’s life, empowering lives and futures, whence, people’s life had meanings.
Atimes, it never happened has i had wanted, i once predicted a baby to be poor and later in the evening, i heard that the father had killed the sinless child himself. I was so grieved, it was as if i did carried out the murder myself.
My fortunate fate might have prolonged forever if not for the evil that disguise itself as blessings while approaching my life, poor me couldn’t read myself as i did others.
That very day, it was dusk, a very big beautiful red moon appeared, people were excited but it stung my heart somehow, yet, i couldn’t read any meaning to it, i concluded it was due to the appearance of scorpio’s star, the Zodiac sign is the most dangerous of all, anyone born within this period are leaders, but, no one can actually differiate if it’s going to be a benevolent leader or an evil genius.
“Tombs, Her Royal Majesty summoned you”,
kings and queens are like gods, even while you were corpulating your wife, it is a must to remove your manhood immediately and cut the pleasure short inorder to react to the call, especially when the message was delivered by some set of beautiful maids from the palace, many were even better in complexion than the Royal Princess.
The assembly of the ministers was on, i was afraid, probably the king was sick because they should have finished the normal conclave at this time of the day, the courtesians led me to the Royal assembly, as i sighted the King from afar, i was relieved, flanked by the Queen and Consort Hui, his second wife. I quickly bowed before all, observing all protocols, then i furthered,
“I answered to your summon, i wish you spare my life and bestowed on me fortune, i’m at your service my god”,
“Good of you Tombs, Westfalendon is a great nation, as we all know we are one of their subject nation, but i cant sit on my ancestors throne and be slave at the same time, that’s why recently i have been building an iron army against the West, i dont intend to be intimidated anylonger, Minister of Treasury, let the populace hear how much they have been looting us away”, he concluded making a funny gesture with open hands to the minister.

“Westfalendon for the past ten years had requested for 10000lbs of gold and got it increased this year to 20000lbs, 20000bags of limestone now 30000, 200000rolls of silk for their royals and 10000 steel swords”.
The minister concluded, i was dazzled and the King took advantage of my amazement for his next comment.
“Tombs, so you can also see how much we’ve been enslaved, that’s why we summoned you, for your help”
…bemused i was,
“I…I…I am not…a knight, i can wield neither a sword nor spear, i am not that genius my lord, of what usefullness would i be…?”,
Hardly had i finished that some men elegantly gaited towards me with steel armour and a diamond cladded sword for a war general, they bowed by the King’s foot, raised me up and wore the combination on me, i looked galant like a warlord, then the last knight hilted my hand with the diamond studded sword which was sheated well in a fine Asian cobra’s skin. The whole court applauded me, i was dumbfounded as they show me to my quarters.
The news had spreaded like wildfire around the town, many people were happy for me not knowing they’ve all seen the end of my better days. Actually, the task the nation had given me for making me a war General is to forsee events and predict the war with my special power.
Within few days, war signals were sent to the kingdom of Westfalendon, they reacted earlier than expected. My job actually started when the Westis’ summoned the help of another subject nation ‘Highcrestland’ to attack from behind. I predicted it and a wide trench was dug while anticipating there arrival, 30000 Highcrestland’s men were buried alive below ground level.
I was highly instrumental during the war, Westfalendon Great King Jango prostrated before our Royal Majesty, i was so proud of myself as to what i’ve actually done for my nation. Many worshipped me like god, people seek my presence before the king’s word, i was a happy man until the war started.
Though i’m a war general yet i hate it a lot, happy me hate seeing other people cry. Many people distaste the way i’ve been accumulating accolades, hence, they planned for a conspiracy, treason of the first order.
My apartment is adjacent to Consort Hui’s own, she has been fond of me since post-war and bad minded took a perfect chance of the closeness. On that blue day, Consort Hui came into my chamber to seek guidance on a matter regarding her only son, i didn’t know how i slept off.
As i was trying to open my eyes, my gaze dribbled and finally fell on the lot standing before me, The King, Queen and some Royal maids, i thought something bad had happened, i quickly hastened to bow to his Majesty as i felt an heavy body on me, surprisingly, it was Consort Hui, lying naked on my chest still fast asleep.


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