Daily Prompt: “Something is up the law Sleeve”

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Many people fail to realize there is a bulk of numbers beyond six other than seven, it is called, lack of foresight. We charge people to court of law without thinking about the aftereffects, a lot of things we should have settled amicably has been dragged into the deep shit of the law. I once read a story about two men who were neighbors with a short fence separating their houses..
Man A planted banana at the foot of his fence..
The banana tree is bent towards sunlight and into Man B’s compound, thereby constituting nuisance and littering the floor, the fallen leaves had to be swept everytime by Man B, but he didn’t complain to Man A, Man B is not as stupid as to be cleaning up someone else’s mess, He always seems to have an ace up his sleeve to deal with these kinds of situations. Even his critics admit that he seems always to have a card up his sleeve.
Then a bunch of banana grew out the tree and was biased on the side of Man B’s compound despite the fact that it belongs to Man A.. Man B on a second thought was like since the whole responsibility of cleaning up the leaves fell on my shoulder, eating this bunch that grew in my compound is not a crime. He sheared the bunch and took it inside.
Man A was furious, “What an insolence?!” He lamented.
He went straight to his lawyer and file a lawsuit against Man B. Man B was summoned to the court at a specific day. Man B said to himself,’
“I have a few tricks up my sleeve since he decides to pursue legal action against me.”

On getting to the court, after a lot of explanation by both men, the judge had to give his verdict.
He said: Man B owns the land and space of his compound, thereby the bent tree in his compound was his responsibility to clean anytime it sheds leaves and he could have severe the branch as well for its disturbance.
Moreover, now that he decided to eat from its fruit, He had converted another man’s property into his own and that is Theft or call it stealing which is a serious case in the court of law, however because he has being tasked with cleaning of the environment, we shall temper justice with mercy as he’s going to pay a certain fine to Man A.” The judge concluded.
On getting home, Man A was the happy man, Man B knocked on his door, tell him to come out, He said, ‘
“since I own the space and land in my compound, I’ll cut off the banana branch that extend towards my compound. In addition the roof of your house that is extended into my space, I demand you to cut it off, else I’ll destroy the whole thing”


Happy Man A not wanting Man B to cut down his roof planned to do it himself, he picked up a ladder and started shearing it. As he was busy doing it, Man B arrived with few police men to arrest Man A, on the charge that, he decided to remove the shade his roof provided in Man B’s compound and as therefore caused irreparable damage to his ears due to the noise pollution from the instrument he was using. Man B tender a medical report about a crisis he once had with his ears. Man A was surprised. He couldn’t cry for the crazy trick he pulled on him. Later in the week, Man A was sentenced to 6months imprisonment or else pay a huge damages to operate Man B’s ear. He couldn’t pay the amount and went to prison.
Hahahahahahaha.. The law is an arse……Kindly drop your comments telling us what you think about the law.
Thanks a bunch

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  1. An interesting story!!!! Proving my cousin’s philosophy on life… to be true. “People are no damn good”!!!!! lol Are laws there to protect or cause more harm???? Hmmmm!!!! I don’t really know. Enjoyed reading your post! 💙

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  2. my best piece for the day!! the law is not an ass, the law is firm. Man B did well, coz nxt time, Man A and his likes would identify the line between stupidity and right!

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