Daily Prompt: Who is your Daddy?| Show Me Your Pedigree…

via Daily Prompt: Pedigree

I usually tell people, many bastard would describe there fathers house with their left fingers. I know where I come from, I’m a purebred of a great man.
My Greatest Grandpa was a warrior, those that fought for liberation in the Venus, against Sunlion. Venus was hot, a planet where many of my forefathers lived from the past.
There was a crisis back then, a beast named Sunlion was the most notorious animal on Venus, it resembles the lion here but had a glowing mane, one that usually radiate heat like the Sun. The king of Venus back then called for a conclave with his council of chiefs in his condo, they met on how to satisfy the beast that only would feast on human flesh, after a long arguments, they decided to give it dead humans flesh per day, all families agreed since dead bodies were useless, then, they were always cremated.
Hunters were sent to discuss the issue with Sunlion, The beast agreed, since there is no day someone won’t die on the planet, even plenty people did died atimes.
Then one-day, all over the planet, no one died, same thing the following day, the week runs out and no one died on the whole planet.
Sunlion was hungry and angry, since an hungry lion is an angry lion. He roared louder by the day and screamed at nights, the Venus King sent some hunters to pacify him to chill for a while, on getting there, It attacked the hunters , five of them, only one returned even it was with one hand, he had eaten the other.
The King decided to bring about another suggestion,
“Let’s sacrifice old people as food”
Suddenly, within weeks, all old people had disappeared into the forest, seeking asylum. It was until Sunlion started attacking the planet, one after the other that someone described a great hunter; ‘Gunter’, to the king who lives far north. That was my Greatest Grandpa, the King consorted the Councilman in that region to lead him to my first man’s abode, after 8days journey, they reached him. He promised to help then kill Sunlion, and requested for what the king love most as a reward, the king out of joy hastily agreed to the condition without asking what Gunter thought he loved most.
The following day Gunter disappeared, days went by, then weeks, they saw neither him nor Sunlion.
Two months later, he appeared with Sunlions head as his crown, and its beastly body wrapped as cloths around him, humans were surprised. They merried in joy, organized jamboree can be seen around, hither and thither as they sang Gunter’s praise. He was then given the privilege to before the world state whatever he wanted.

He said, “I want the throne”.

The once noisy place already had turned into a graveyard. One after the other everyone left the gathering knowing fully well war had ensued. Seven gods of Venus came to Gunters house to beg him to denounce his request. After thinking a lot on the issue. He quit on Venus and moved to Earth.

So if you ask me again about my pedigree, I’m a purebred of Gunter, the greatest hunter of Venus.


wizard calidad




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