via Daily Prompt: Thin
Everytime, the poor people complain, they want to be rich while the rich class lamented, ‘The money is not enough’. However, for the poor to get rich seems more difficult than an herculean task and the little people that scape through the poverty line would work for more money without rest in fear of getting poor.
Everyone except him believes poverty is a situation, a state of mind, it is not a condition you would permanently sit inside, there is a thin line betwixt poverty and affluence but to many it looks like a big wall, a wall which you can’t scale through without a ladder.
Timba passed over opportunities repeatedly, because it is always dresses in deceitful regalia and look like work. With a plier of laziness, he severally cut the thin line which would have served as a passage to affluentic life. He still believe in the ladder and a very tall wall tale.

“Timba, you’re thin and getting old, rethink, you can’t do this for ever, think of that thing you’ll invest your life in. ” I advised.
Timba is old but unwise( it’s not good to call an adult a fool) , He thrived day and night on odd jobs, with the little energy, he got all he can and all he got he canned, saving only for food.


“Timba you can invest, you can start some business with the little you’ve saved, man shall not depend on food alone, you need a lifetime insurance business.” I again admonished.
Timba is a silly(still soft for an abuse) old man, He gambled away all his money.

Devil also beckoned at him, introduced him to honkytonks- beer and women. He got out all his savings, spent on both and now have to work to eat tomorrow. Devious devil that cares not a thing, He can steal from a Thin like Timba, with gambling, beer and adultery, he also can still from this Thin man draw blood to his drinking tin.

“Timba, don’t be a foolish man, at this age, what ritual are you thinking of doing? You want to have money to flex like young guys and you think devil won’t get a price?” I querried.
Timba listened not, he reasoned not, he proceeded with the ritual. He became rich, he got all he had been dreaming off, he neither saw the thin line nor scale the tall wall with a ladder. He manouvred in with a bloody sacrifice.


Two months into his wealthy life, He came across an accident, he crashed his car into another and lost his life. Then I knew devil is jealous of us, he constantly offer to help human being because he’s afraid we might outlast him. His sacrifices are somewhat outrageous on every occasion. Timba is gone, even there is a thin line between life and death. He was placed inside a thin burial bin. I think every corpse is always thin, it’s like fat people ain’t accepted in heaven.

“Timba, It’s funny now that my advise is useless, you’re now the best advise a man can ever witness. If in heaven, Angels ask you ‘what is life? ‘ just reply them that ‘Such is life’. Adieu my good old man.”
I left in tears.


wizard calidad |2018



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