Daily Prompt: Are You Confused???


via Daily Prompt: Complication

If at all you’re going to look like someone, it shouldn’t be this much, the resemblance is of an identical twins and She claimed she’s not one of any pair. I followed her discretely, it was the same house, the same Mum and Dad.

“Has Tobi being transfigured?”

I met her along the market, at first, I thought he had braided his hair like the modern day swag, I called on him not regarding his she-like butt. On looking back, same face but different person. She said,

“Sorry, I’m Lola” She smiled at me… My mouth was wide opened. Surprised.

As I was turning away from the house, someone beckoned at me,

“Are you confused?” Now I’m confused, what’s he talking about, I thought to my self.

“I said are you confused about Tobi? He’s now Lola, he was an hermaphrodite”

I was more confused, it’s getting complicated the more I think of it, I could remember our valedictory service, Lola was still Tobi-a guy, Tobi came with two of his galfriends, I still had a clear ¬†picture about every thing that happened at the event.

I went to see a doctor, wanted to know if it was one of the Kardashian’s operation stunts, the doctor enlightened me that the female genitals just outgrown the male as he grew up. That’s just the simple explanation.


wizard calidad |2018

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