Daily Prompt: My Oxygen Will Soon Finish|Beg Timba on my behalf.


via Daily Prompt: Assumption

“Assuming you’re in a box, no doors no windows, a small cylinder containing 5k of air was given to you,how will you escape the box?” He asked, looking so serious like I should miss it and he should pack all the money we laid down to bet.

I laughed, “You think I’ll miss this simple question?..(I packed all the money on ground at once)…. Well,  I will stop assuming.” I smirked.


This is the fifth question for a thousand naira, I got it all, he was so angry as his face wrinkled with frown.

“So won’t you drop anything for me? ”

I was like, ‘did I hear you right?’ turning a knife-edge look at him, I didn’t even respond but my countenance did.

“So you won’t?  I’ll show you?” He threatened.

I didn’t even turn back on him once, I just hastened my steps, I’ve got better things to do at home.

On getting home, I bought a tin of milk, titus, a can of malt, two superpack noodles and still pocket my change. ‘These days I think gambling is now my thing, I won each and everytime’. I thought to myself.

I cooked the noodles, with a stew fried with the titus, mayonnaise and green beans, in five minutes, it’s done. I served it to myself. I brought out my blender, poured the malt, the milk, and peeled some ripe bananas in. I blended everything together filled it in a giant goblet and added ice. It was wonderful. Noodles and malt-banana shake, it’s only poison I cannot eat. I slept immediately after eating.

Two hours later, I woke up in a real box, at first I thought I was sleeping, i tried endlessly to regain consciousness ,it was restored and still here I am.

My oxygen will soon finish, help me, beg Timba my friend on my behalf, I promise to return the 1,000naira note with 200% interest, I’ve stopped assuming yet I am still in the box.

“Somebody help me, Timba help!!!!”


wizard calidad




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