Daily Prompt: Voice of The Oppressed.


via Daily Prompt: Archaic

I think the dimension of my daily prompt is going to change, as I want to use it as a medium to focus on the terrorism in the world, starting from here in Nigeria, Palestine, U.S. , Libya etc. I think it’s time we change the archaic mentality of people about what terrorism is, how it is done and the instigators, I think it’s time to let people see a clearer picture rather than being sentimental and supporting factions in terrorism chants.


Mostly we sat in front of the TV and the only thing we do is throw tantrums, we listen to CNN, we do less findings and apply no intelligency to issues on terrorism, at first we have to do away with every sentimental spirits and see through, see that it is not all about religion, it started with tribalism, racism, nepotism at first,  then bystanders dragged religion into the way.


I see oppressors gaining ground and pretending to be the oppressed. Likewise, the oppressed were there facing the penalty of fate. Many can’t sleep properly at night, many never woke up with peace in the morning.

Though daily prompt is a medium of showing our writing prowess and prevention of writers block, but now we will use it in a more meaningful direction. We’ll like to be the voice of the oppressed.


Kick terrorism out of humanity.

One love to everyone.

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