Daily Prompt: Buying Power Forcefully…



Christian associations were gathered, they’ve scheduled a rally in protest against the bomb blast that happened concurrently in two churches this past week. The eyes of the leader of the front was red with bewilderment.
“We will not condole terrorism again, we won’t tolerate these people of ill-faith terrorizing our creed, we will not be intimidated. Government must do something to this, These terrorist are muslims, they want to islamize the country!” He was shouting loud into the megaphone, others were carrying placards and big banners. They’re so unhappy about the situation.
Some men were gathered in a local bar, gisting and drinking. Suddenly, some group of men hopped out of the back of a lorry, fully armed, on dropping, they unleashed rain of bullets on the people at the bar, almost 70 people. None of them was left alive, they hung back onto the back of the lorry and disappeared into thin air.
At the crime scene, The Commissioner of Police said in a press conference.
“Hmm, as we can all see, over sixty men were attacked in a public place and barely none of them is alive”
“Sir, Is it true that a Muslim sect is responsible for this terrorist act?” A member of the press asked.
“Hmm, If you juxtapose the situation, no one can say what motive is behind the evil act, as we can all see that it was a public place being attacked, it’s neither a church nor mosque. Therefore, no one can say until a proper investigation is done”. The Commissioner concluded.
“Boss, as far as I’m concerned, you can now launch your ambition, the boys are doing a wonderful job.” A hard looking man in suit was smiling in front of Timba as he speaks.
“Prosper, look at me,… “,He stood up walking majestically and gallantly across his living room.
“I Tombs Timba, I will rule this country, I have the money, now I’m buying the power forcefully, call the boys for me let them name there price”.
“Okay Sir,” Prosper said.

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