Salam |Broken, Hypnotized and Brainwashed….


Salam was my friend from primary one, he was the most gentle student not only in my class but the whole school. We always wonder why a boy of Salam’s pedigree could be that gentle, the whole of his family are in the army, except for the Mum and the first sister that became Alh. Tanko’s second wife, Nana Hajarah. You don’t need a talisman to tell you that Salam wasn’t made for army, he would end up doing office work. Parents always sight him as an example for there children, to always stay out of trouble like Salam, the obedient boy.  He was brilliant too.

Gradually, we finished from primary into secondary and later graduated from secondary school together. Shortly after, I left for Lagos while seeking for tertiary education. In the middle of my stay in the south west, insurgence had already ensued in the north, I was always afraid to go back to my hometown.

One day, Dad called me home, said its on a serious issue.
The day I got home, I had to greet my friends that are still around the village since I’ve gone, it’s six years already. I remembered Salam first, he said he’s going to put in for admission into a university in the northern part because he didn’t want to stay too far from his Mum. On getting to his house, I met his mum, on seeing me, She burst into tears.

“Hajia, what has happened to him, where is Salam? ” I queried.
Mama couldn’t talk, it was until Udala, Salam’s uncle called me in to tell me the whole story.

Salam at some point wasn’t sleeping at home again, gradually he changed his attitude, inclined to all vices, started smoking Indian hemp. Later we heard he’s joined the terrorist sect, I wonder how a boy like Salam could be among those evil people. They’ve surely being hypnotized according to people that relate with them because there is a crossed mark on their backs just like multiple incisions, Salam has been hypnotized, brainwashed and broken of his calm demeanors. They say Salam now involved with all violent acts.
Gen. Bada, who happens to be Salam direct brother, called their mother one blue day, He told the mum he is taking his combatant to raid on Salam and his gang in their camp.

On getting there, Gen. Bada, because of his brother ordered the soldiers to attack from the front so that on sighting the army, they’ll flee into safety.
Contrary to the what was anticipated, Salam and his gang picked up stones to fight against the flying bullets. General Bada was very angry, he ordered a full attack on the camp as each and everyone of them were gunned down.

Gen. Bada called their mother to tell her about the incident and the fact that Salam has been killed too, Hajia shouted on phone,


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