Daily Prompt : “I AM A TERRORIST”



“I am a terrorist!!!”
Everywhere was in disarray, despite the fact that it was the police headquarters, officers still flinched while some stylishly escaped into safety.
Gradually, they started forming a big circle round him, pointing their guns, though his hands are up but like all terrorists, something might be up his sleeve, under his sleeves. Bomb squad had assembled themselves, they carefully gaited towards him, this is a business of expert for expert, and once they grabbed him, they searched all his body, there is nothing like a bomb. That was when the chaos came to rest.
In quickfire, members of the press had gathered to interview the terrorist that came to surrender himself. We all want to here what he had to say.
“I am a terrorist, the commander of ‘lamda-Team’ Al-Jahoozee Front, many of us joined for a reason, oppressions, fanatism, cheating amidst many others are what we harboured in our minds, and it also serves as weak point they used in brainwashing us to liberate ourselves…..We are being…..(Suddenly there was the sound of a gun out of nowhere)…huuuuuh”.
In the police headquarters, who took the shot , no one knows.

Bala was the commandant of his platoon, in a 40 men group. He has a direct link to the leader of the insurgence, unlike many others who are not privileged. He killed and cut off the head of an infidel(as they normally say) to show the leader who was astonished and had to initiate him as a commander. Ever since he has been holding meetings with the leader of the insurgence, He has not seen anything tangible as the aim and objectives for terrorism, he got to know more about it being political, they’ve been sponsored by some political leaders who gained directly from violence, the ‘LOBBYISTS’. Even though he didn’t know the name of any of them because his commander rank is not enough for classified information.
He now realized they’ve been brainwashed by the ‘LIONS’, Lions are those spokesmen among them that are good orator, they’re the one tasked with the motivation and morale building talks. They’re the only member of the terrorist group allowed to roam freely in the outside world to convince more ‘SHEEPS'(new recruits) to join the vanguard.

Bala was shot in cold blood by an unknown person while holding a conference. His soul and consciousness dangled in retrospect. Reminiscing all what he had done with his gang members in their usual shenanigans, but the hours of death are the happy ones, his conscience is clean and crystal clear, he had repented. He believed God will forgive him.
wizard calidad

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