The Headless Chicken Vs. The Cunny Fox. (World Cup Opening Game Analysis) watch the highlights


Saudi Arabia looks promising, a team you can’t right off, they played energetically, had more touches, more runs, more passes, more possession and even more ball retention but the only thing missing is the connection between the midfield and the attack, they look so weak like a toothless tiger in the final half of the pitch, whereas  Russia was lying back stealthily cooling of the consistent pressure from the Arabian team. They attacked with three players, Smolov, Golovin and Dzagoev before his 23rd minutes injury and was replaced by Cherysev who looks awful until his goal. Saudi had no shot on target.

That’s all about the first half..
As we remain hopeful the Headless Chicken will gather some courage to outwit the Cunny Fox for the second half.
Immediately the second half started, Russian team gained more composure, they’re at advantage. They show there European touches and vibes all through, as they’re always dangerous on counter attacks. Saudi Arabia was again punished for there inconsistencies, despite the fact that they showed more grit in front of the goal but without an on target shot throughout the game.
Alexander Golovin was the Russian beast, he had a hand in every goal except for Cherysev’s screamer and immediately i saw him in front of the freekick outside the box I could bet its gonna be a goal, a replica of the one he scored against arsenal. He’s very technical with such free kicks.
The Headless Chickens couldn’t pull more courage to defeat the Cunny Fox and it ended with
Russia 5 -Saudi Arabia 0
If you’re beating Russia, try to cage Golovin he made 2½ goals and scored one out of five.


Watch the highlights below

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