Today’s Prompt: The Impish Sheperd and The Tamed Lamb.


Faruz was a good boy, he is also a class topper, some oil companies offered him a scholarship to study anywhere abroad, quarter to the arrangement, something called it off, the award has been compromised, and given to someone else of better pedigree. Faruz Dad is also a well-to-do, he won’t let his son brood over a missed opportunity, he would make sure his dream was actualized. His father sponsored him abroad.
Three years into a four years programme, Faruz changed his line, he wouldn’t call or want anyone to reach him from home. The Dad was surprised and had to call the school to know what’s going on with him. The school told him he’s doing fine but he has moved out of the school hostel. His father was surprised, wondering why he made such an expensive move, still thinking he will call him to pay his new exorbitant bills or perhaps the mum had secretly transferred some money to him since they’re estranged from eachother but not divorced yet.
Al Mutaluz; Faruz Dad, was driving on a sunny tuesday when he raced past his estranged wife’s car, she saw him too as they both halted and reversed to exchange courtsey greetings. He then asked if she did transferred anything to her son recently which she declined, reporting that she hadn’t heard from him in a while and thought it was his Dad idea. Proudly, Al Mutaluz played along, saying he didn’t want any distractions from home, that’s why he’s facing his studies with no attached strings.
On his way home, he thought to himself, something is really wrong, he was worried. He stopped the car suddenly and called the school line.
“I’m Lawyer Al Mutaluz, I want to report my boy, Faruz Al Mutaluz, It’s being a while I heard from him, he’s not been requesting anything from home and I learnt recently about his extravagant lifestyle over there, please…….. ” The conversation continue till the line went dead.
Faruz is an enthusiast, barely one year in the foreign land everyone around loved him. He is a type that will make you laugh on a doomsday. One-day, he was returning from class, a red-skinned man approached him, like normally he shared his usual enthusiasm, after a bit normal chitchat, the man gave him a bale of hard currencies. Faruz was astonished. He almost tore the man apart in great joy, they exchanged contact.
Two years after, he received a call from that man, he told him he’s just back in town, he gave a location to Faruz to get a package. The first package he got was a briefcase, on getting home he discovered it was filled with money. He fainted.
He moved out of the hostel immediately, he was also very doubtful about the favour, he would seldomly ask himself.
“Could this be God’s favour? ”
Exactly after two weeks, he received another call, then another package, it goes on and on for a while.
Then a day came when he met his good Samaritan at the package end, waiting for him graciously. He was so happy to see his helper but was sure it’s time for request. He was afraid the request might be tantamount as action and reaction must be equal and opposite. After a bit chitchat, he was very nervous to ask what the red-skinned wanted. Then he broke the chain of unserious talks.
“Mr. Rahul, what do you want from me??? ”
Red-skinned smirked, he said,
“We believe you’re a useful tool for our vanguard, our very own has been oppressed ever since, look at the palestines, in Iraq, Libya, all over the world. Muslim are on the receiving end, we need to make them understand they can’t push us around, this is Jihad, we need to fight”.

Faruz was surprised, the man has never spoken any word like a Muslim before, no In Sha Allah, no Subhanallah, even his courtsey ain’t that of a Muslim, on many, the first day they met, Faruz told him he’s going to mosque, he didn’t follow and he hasn’t prayed.
“Are you a Muslim???” Faruz asked surprised and confused.
“Oh! You don’t know?? I’m one of them.. I.(Faruz cut in)… ”
“One of them??, How do you mean?” He made a gesture full of suspense.
“Yes I’m one of the Muslims, we’re fighting for peace, defying oppressions”
“Mr. Rahul, if you’re really fighting for peace, you shouldn’t be talking about putting some people on the receiving end..What end is that??? Death?! Destruction?! Bomb blasts?!”
“Faruz, so you felt nothing for the oppressed? You’re a Kafir!”
“No! Never! You should tell me where you’re told to blow people up in the Qoran?”
The red-skinned face had changed already, he’s now angry,’
“Boy, we’ve spent so much on you, why don’t you return all the money before lecturing me, you idiot??! ”
“Oh!!! I never asked for money, you did gave me, so you’re paying me to blow people up, Never..(He made sure they’ve strolled into a public place).. Leave me alone! You bloody terrorist!!!!”
Mr. Rahul had a concocted feeling of surprise, anger and treachery.
On getting home, Faruz knew there is definitely fire on the mountain, he called the police department, reported himself. He was surprised when they said something will be done about it.

He packed some of his belongings, ready set to go back to hostel, On opening the door, someone knocked something off his head. He fell unconsciously.

to be continued…

wizard calidad |2018


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